Skilled Nursing

HVHC’s dedicated staff of registered nurses, licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants provides a consistently high level of care. Some of the services offered include:

  • 24-hour RN coverage

  • Care of TPN, G and NG Tubes-Weaning Program

  • Colostomy care

  • Medication administration

  • Discharge planning

  • Paperless charting

  • Care of post-surgical interventions

  • Weight monitoring

  • Cardiac, pulmonary, and neurological care and education

  • Nutritional Intervention in conjunction with the careful planning of our registered dietician

  • Patient and family education and support

  • Restorative Nursing Program (RNA)

  • Trach Care

  • Collaboration with hospice services

Specialized Wound Care by our wound care certified nurses and therapists, including:

Decubitus Ulcer Care, Mist Therapy (Celleration), Sharp Debridement, and Wound Vac Management

IV Therapies of any interval, including:

  • Specialized care and insertion of long-term indwelling catheters

  • Care of PICC lines

  • Care of Patient Controlled Pain Management Pumps

  • Antibiotics

  • Pain Management

  • Hydration

  • TPN


Staff member helping woman with rehabilitation

HVHC offers Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies up to 6 days a week for patients recovering from surgery, injury, or other serious illness. Rehabilitation services are provided by our in-house team of caring, licensed therapists.

The mission of our rehabilitation team is to restore each of our patients to their highest level of function through a specialized care plan designed to meet each individual’s needs. We take pride and pleasure in the high percentage of patients that leave our facility returning to their optimal independence. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) emphasizes restoring independent and safe mobility. Such goals are achieved by a specialized program of exercise, instruction and pain relieving modalities to improve strength, balance and coordination.

  • Available up to 6 days per week

  • In-house fulltime therapists (only licensed PTs and PTAs)

  • Rehab Director is a PT and Certified Wound Specialist, Certified Clinical Instructor, and Neuro-IFRAH trained (advanced neurological interventions)

  • Many HVHC therapists are Certified Clinical Instructors, and Neuro-IFRAH trained

  • Ultrasound, TENS, E-stim, infrared therapy, heat and cold therapies

  • Pneumatic HUR gym equipment (leg-press/knee-extension)

  • Sci-Fit UE/LE Urgometer bike for endurance

  • 40” LCD TV with Wii Fit

  • Large therapy gym with two electric high-low mats

  • Beautiful, outdoor patio for gait training

  • Focus on clinical competency and excellence of all therapists

  • Modalities and debridement for wound care

  • Therapist/Director will accompany patients to follow-up appointments when needed

  • Standardized testing protocols to ensure successful discharges

  • Home evaluations and training as needed

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) helps patients regain their maximum degree of independence in activities of daily living (ADLs). We have a very dynamic OT staff composed of only licensed OTRs and COTAs. Individualized treatment programs focus on restoring maximal independence in grooming, dressing, self-feeding, home management retraining, splinting and strengthening to increase hand function, instruction in energy conservation, and use of adaptive equipment as well as safety while performing ADLs. ADL room that simulates home environment including:

  • Modified kitchen for simulated activities

  • Kitchen sink, counter and mirror

  • Rickshaw, pulley’s electric standing frame

  • Mat treatment table

  • Paraffin wax treatments, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and many other modalities to address pain/dysfunction/ROM deficits

  • Wii therapy*

  • Two of our OTRs that are Physical Agent Modalities Certified (PAM) and are Clinical Fieldwork Educators

Speech Therapy (Vital Stimulation Certified)

Speech/Language Pathologists assist patients in regaining their ability to communicate following a loss of speech, language or hearing. Our therapists are also instructed in assessing and treating swallowing disorders which are common following strokes, neurological impairments and other debilitating illnesses.

Physician Services

We know that continuity is critical in the healthcare industry. That’s why at HVHC we allow any primary care physician to follow their patients care. If your primary care physician chooses not to follow your care, our Medical Director or other designee for your physician will coordinate your care in our facility. Upon discharge your medical records will be sent to your primary physician and they will resume your care.

Social Services

At HVHC we take living personally. We understand that some of the biggest barriers to our patients returning home are not related to their physical health. That’s why we offer our patients customized Social Services, including:

  • Extensive transition to home planning

  • Family and caregiver education and support

  • On-site psychiatrist and psychologist counseling

  • Beautician and barber services

  • In-house podiatry services

  • In-house dental services

  • In-house audiology services

  • Assistance with transportation arrangements to and from the facility